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Why PEAK Strategy Consulting?

We are a team of top B-School alumni (ISB, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore) who understand what it means to balance work with B-school applications. We aim to make a central part of this process easier by guiding you through the essay. It’s not easy to encapsulate your rounded personality within the confines of a word limit - and we understand that. But, with our individual sessions tailored to your needs, we will guide you from the ideation phase to the multiple drafts and to the final submission. Between pressures at work or college, multiple deadlines, studying for GMAT, and gathering recommendations, we are here to make one aspect of your application process as pain-free as possible.


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When you start your B-School application process it is imperative that you get your story right. It is not easy to convince the admissions committee why you are a great fit for them. This is where PEAK Strategy stepped in and made my job easier. Their key advantage lies in the fact that the team has a great mix of individuals who have been there and done that.

IIM Bangalore, ISB 2019 admit

Education: IIT Delhi, Mechanical Engineer

Experience: 4 years in Consulting Analytics

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