The Team


Shreyes is the black sheep in a family of marketing professionals and bankers, choosing the infinitely more exciting world of management consulting instead. He learned PPT and Excel shortcuts galore at his former job, and also advised infrastructure agencies on the side. Having applied to multiple American undergraduate colleges, he is all too familiar with essay writing, “why X” prompts, and the whooshing noise that deadlines make as they pass by.

Shreyes Shekhar


Manyata is a Delhi University graduate and has worked in consulting for 3 years before heading for her MBA. She is passionate about conveying ideas through emotion-evoking stories, which also led her to choose brand management as her career. Having extensive experience in campus recruitment programmes and B-school applications, she understands that translating ones professional “highlights reel” into compelling stories is no easy task.

Manyata Chopra


Shreyansh is the quintessential finance guy who has spent 3 years of his pre-MBA life auditing financial statements. A brief stint as an Investment Banker made him realise the importance of numbers in building a comprehensive narrative. Having aced multiple competitive examinations and having led the placements programme at IIM A, he is well-versed with the nuances of building a stellar resume and with the predicament faced by applicants in the subsequent stages.

Shreyansh Rajgarhia